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Movers helped us with office removals. The move was carried out quickly, efficiently and required little input from myself or the company director. The movers used their own initiative and got the job done without causing a disturbance...    
Pauline Cooper
This is the fourth time I've hired Companies for removal services. I've used their man and van service, removal van hire, their packing services and this time I used their unpacking service. I must say, they did a brilliant job. From...    
Nina Ward
Moving house is not easy, and it takes a lot of work, as well as a lot of planning and dedication. The best way to ensure that these are in place and that you are not responsible for everything yourself is to get a decent removals...    
Wilbert J.
This removal company saved my house move! I hired a man with a van from MovingCompanies after being told by a friend how great they were. I wasn't bothered about the price, I just wanted an experienced and reliable company who would be...    
Ian P.
I loved every minute of my house move thanks to MovingCompanies and the professional man with a van that I hired! I initially called the company to find out about packing supplied, and what I needed to move my flat-screen TV safely, but...    
Jack D.
I had to move at short notice for a job in another area, and I was stressed as I thought it would be impossible finding a company to take on the job. A friend suggested MovingCompanies, and without hesitation I called and explained my...    
James S.
Getting the right removals is something of an issue for me, as I've had some moves in the past that I wasn't entirely happy with. So when it came time to move again, my thoughts straight away turned to finding the company who could do...    
Eric Smith
I am probably the worst person to move house. I fuss and stress over every little detail and worry about everything. Knowing this, a friend of mine suggested that I look up MovingCompanies when the dreaded time to move next reared its...    
George Hill
It doesn't seem to matter what you need help shifting, in my experience MovingCompanies have always managed to make sure that I get the best possible service. They really are the masters of the house move and I think I now know of four...    
Earl Price
It was tough to find the right removal company, and I've never really had to move that many times. So I didn't really know what I was looking for. My friend gave me MovingCompanies's name though, and (or much delicate, for that matter),...    
Roy Clark

Choosing Among the Three General Types of Removal Companies

Will you hire a moving company or you will do all the moving processes all by yourself? How you wish you have more options than just either hiring a moving company or not. Well, time to set your mind free of stress because you really have more than just two options. You can now choose between the three general types of moving companies.

Full-service removal companies, self service moving firm, or umbrella companies of removal companies - whether you want a less stressful moving or a cheaper moving, there is surely one type of moving firm that can answer your needs.

Full-Service Removal Companies

As its name implies, a full-service moving firm work for your stress-free moving because they will do almost everything for the moving process. They take care of your moving from the packing to unpacking of your things.

Typically, a full- service moving company will start their work with the packing of your things. You don't have to worry anything because these professionals are trained to do this. They know how to pack your furniture, paintings, piano, or appliances so they can be transported safe and sound.

They'll also load your things, drive them to your moving location, unload the items, and even unpack them to your desired specific area. They can also offer you a clean up for your moving location as well as your old house.

Although helpful, you can expect that this option is the most expensive. But you can also expect that this option is the least stressful.

DIY or Self - Service Move

These moving firm might sound like they will leave all the work on you. But you are wrong because these companies are offering you only partial moving services. Choosing this can be more stressful but this is certainly cheaper.

These moving firm are often less involved in the moving process. They may only give you the containers and you will take care of the packing. After a certain period of time, the containers with items inside will be picked up by a truck and be delivered to your specified location.

There are certain self-service moving firm that will only provide you with all the needed items including the truck. So you will do the packing, loading, driving, unloading, and unpacking.

Yes, this is certainly so stressful. But with DIY moving, you can surely save a lot of dollars.

Umbrella Companies of Removal Companies

Umbrella companies are not actual UK removal company. But they can take you to the best moving service for your needs. For example, you can use their services to look up for the cheapest moving service or the most cost-efficient services. These companies commonly offer you quotes and comprehensive comparisons among different moving service.

Umbrella companies may not be the real moving company you're looking for. But their services can help you find the company that can give you the services you need at the most reasonable cost.

With these three options, a stressful or expensive moving is only a choice. So why suffer a stressful or expensive moving if you can only choose not to? These moving services prove that you can always have a choice - but the option is always left to you.


Tips to Avoid Scammers from the Moving Industry

For you, moving is a stressful and expensive process. For the moving firm, moving can be a very good business. This philosophy can be acceptable and understandable especially if the moving service are rendering services at reasonable prices.

But the worst part is, there are scammers who pretend to be a part of the moving industry. They can take advantage of your need to move. These scammers will not just give you the worst services but they might not give you any services at all - they will just take your money away.

Good thing, there are certain tips that can help you fight against these scammers.

1. Don't use the Internet in finding some moving firms. There can be some reputable moving firms online but most scammers also do their business online. In fact, most of the moving scam victims reported to have found their scammers through the Internet.

2. Ask for referred moving firms. You can ask you friends, neighbors, relatives, or real estate agents for at least three removals companies they know. With referred companies, you are surer to get a reputable one.

3. Never hire a moving broker. Aside from this is a more expensive option, this is also a more dangerous choice. Besides, you don't really need to hire a moving broker especially if you want to take hands on with the choosing of the best moving company.

4. Set up an appointment with the moving services. Ask them to come to your house so they can estimate how much the moving will cost. If a moving firm does not show up, then move on and find another.

5. Check the removal company office. You can only know if they are reputable moving firm if you have already visited their office. By doing this, you will know if they really have delivery trucks, moving equipment, and moving professionals. If they don't, then they are probably scams.

6. Check the movers equipment. A reputable moving company will have their name printed on each of their equipment. If they don't, then they are probably a company sub-contracting other removals companies or scammers.

7. Ask questions about the moving services and costs. Quotes from various companies usually vary on the services and costs. So ask questions why the cost is like this or that. Or why these services are included or not, and so on.

8. Never get a moving company that estimates based on your house's cubic feet. Reputable companies don't do this. Instead, they will give you quotes depending on their services, insurances, and valuation for your things.

9. Read the moving documents before signing. It can be so tiring and boring to read two or more pages of documents. However, it is better to read boring documents than waste thousands of dollars not doing so, anyway.

Existence of people with malicious intentions is one of the harshest truths of life. So, never expect everyone to play fair as you do. Unscrupulous people really exist - better accept this before you know it is true in the worst way possible. Through following these tips, you can assure to protect yourself better from people with malicious intentions.

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